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What pro traders are saying about BST

“Andrew has interviewed some great people and I have picked up some useful new insights. His integrity, trading knowledge, light-hearted attitude, curiosity and enthusiasm shine through and enhance each of his podcasts. Given the quality of the information and the price (free!) any serious trader would have to be a fool to not take advantage. Keep it up my friend.”

“The Better System Trader podcasts have become an invaluable resource… There’s no other podcast around that covers the subject in so much breadth and depth.”

“What really makes the BST podcast stand out is that Andrew is also an experienced trader and can therefore provide incomparable quality and depth in any interview. Thank you for endless inspiration.”

“This podcast provides unique information, from real traders, interviewed by an experienced trader.”

“Better System Trader is an invaluable resource that I’ve gleaned tremendous amounts of information from over the years. I wouldn’t be the trader I am today without having found this resource. Please keep up the great work.”

“Being a trader himself, Andrew drives insightful conversations that uncover gems of practical knowledge that can improve your trading today”

“Knowledgeable and credible guests talk about useful topics in an interesting and engaging discussion. What’s not to like?”

“The right questions to the right people at the right time.”

“I get some of my best ideas from listening to other market participants and Better System Trader is a great resource of conversations with trading professionals.”

“BetterSystemTrader is an amazing resource of valuable information, Andrew is always able to ask the right question at the right time to deliver the best content possible, a must listen for anybody interested in trading!”

“Professional, to the point and relevant content. Better System Trader should be followed by anyone with an interest in our field.”

“If you have been looking for that little extra nugget to transform your trading, you will find it at Better System Trader.”

“Andrew is a master at asking difficult and relevant questions.”

“Andrew seems to have a knack for getting the world’s most famous traders to share valuable insights about how they trade for the benefit of the trading community.”

“If I had to listen to one trading podcast only, it would be Better System Trader. I am always learning new things and getting research ideas from Andrew’s guests.”

“I really enjoy listening to the Better System Trader podcasts. Even though I am in the industry for over 15 years, there is always something new to learn from these. Thank you!”

“The key to better system trading is information.  As a system trader himself, Andrew has unique capability of asking insightful questions that extract the skills of each guest.”

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