Power-bank Sharing Startup Laidian Selects ThunderChain for Blockchain Innovation

Power-bank Sharing Startup Laidian Selects ThunderChain for Blockchain Innovation (Photo: Business Wire)

SHENZHEN, China–()–Shenzhen Onething Technologies Co., Ltd. (“Onething Technologies”), the cloud computing subsidiary of Xunlei Limited (Nasdaq: XNET) and a global leader in shared computing and blockchain, today announced that Laidian Technology (“Laidian”) has partnered with Onething Technologies to use ThunderChain to connect online and offline applications. Laidian is one of the major Chinese startup companies offering mobile phone power bank sharing services. It has covered more than 280 cities in China and served over 100 million customers since it started operations in 2014.

The partnership will cover two phases: in the first stage, consumers will use LinkToken to redeem power-bank rental services provided by Laidian; in the second stage, Laidian and Onething Technologies will work together to develop a decentralized application (DApp) on ThunderChain to integrate blockchain technology and Laidian’s sharing services. The DApp will feature an incentive program that involves consumers, advertisers and Laidian.

Launched by Onething Technologies early this year, ThunderChain is a high performance blockchain platform which can concurrently conduct over one million transactions per second (TPS). Based on the proprietary homogeneous multichain framework, ThunderChain can realize confirmation and interaction among homogeneous chains and enable multiple transactions to be executed on different chains in parallel. With ThunderChain, companies and individual developers can easily create large-scale blockchain applications featuring trust, openness, transparency and traceability. In July 2018, Onething Technologies unveiled ThunderChain File System (TCFS) based on the company’s proprietary distributed technology and millions of shared computing nodes.

Mr. Huang Yun, COO of Laidian Technology, commented, “The integration of our sharing services and blockchain technology helps us enhance customer experience and explore new business models. We are excited to partner with Onething Technologies as ThunderChain has demonstrated strong capabilities in increasing efficiency, improving security and building trust with end users.”

Mr. Lei Chen, CEO of Xunlei Limited, stated, “Laidian is one of the leading startups in China and offers convenience services with the sharing economy concept. This is another great example of how blockchain is transforming sharing economy with a higher level of trust and a more efficient incentive mechanism. In addition to the high-performance of ThunderChain, we can also provide Laidian with strong technical support. We look forward to supporting more companies and empower individuals and society with blockchain innovation.”